We are professionals in advising and intermediating buying and selling, transmissions both for consideration and free of charge, rentals, and any other type of asset management. We take care of providing a property sanitation service for subsequent sale in an effective, discreet and guaranteed manner

1. We request and study the registry verifications
2. Control and management of debt certificates with the communities of owners.
3. Cancellation of any registration charge
4. Control and management of capital gains and municipal cadastres.

5. We make integral reforms of houses and buildings  before its sale or after it ,we have financing 


We monitor and exhaustively control all of our operations until they are fully registered in the property registry.
We manage and improve any type of special coverage insurance.
We advise our clients so that their private investment is guaranteed

We offer our customers an energy certificate at a very good price

Up to 90 m2, 90 € uros + VAT and more than 90 m2, 1 € uro m2 + VAT. Call us at 952387749-952375587 or e-mail and a technician will get in touch with you.


• From the first moment, we advise you in a global and personalized way.
• Situation of the real estate market in each of the areas consulted.
• Valuation and appraisal of all types of properties.
• Legal and legal advice
• Fiscal advice
• Financial advice and mortgages

Our wide portfolio of properties allows us to ensure, in a large percentage of cases, a quick selection of the best real estate offers adapted to your needs.
You can find all kinds of real estate offers:

  • Properties under construction
  • Properties for sale brand new and renovated
  • Properties for rent for long season
  • Apartments, houses, villas and villas for tourist rental
  • Rural tourism, (rental of houses in the countryside)
  • Luxury homes for sale or rent
  • Real estate investments in our area


We help you find the real estate property you are looking for. (In case of not keeping in our property portfolio any that is of interest to you)

We offer a wide range of services with the sole purpose of making the purchase or rental of any property or real estate, as simple as possible:

• Appraisals and valuations of all types of properties.
• Drafting of contracts, deeds and all kinds of procedures.
• Notarial and registry management.
• Management of your Mortgage in the best conditions of the market.

Before carrying out any type of operation, we made sure that everything was in accordance with what was established by the laws and regulations in force at that time, always offering the greatest clarity and transparency and the highest professional level in our real estate management.

We can also offer you the utmost rigor and professionalism in all our Real Estate Services to quickly find your buyer or tenant:

• Situation of the real estate market according to the consulted area.
• Valuation and appraisal of all types of properties.
• Photo report for documentation of the offer
• We manage your real estate offer in our property portfolio
• We offer your property through the Internet (together with your images)
• Drafting of contracts, deeds and all kinds of procedures.
• Notarial and registry management.

We advise you in a personalized way for the effective sale of your property or real estate, or for the management of your rent or rentals.

We will inform you periodically of all the actions that are carried out and of the offers that are received.

We will also help you with paperwork and bureaucratic procedures until the end of the transaction.

We are professionals, let us help you!


In any case, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to meet you and inform you.
You can contact us through our contact form, or if you wish, through our telephones or mail you can find in the same option Contact from our top menu.

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