WE STUDY THE BUDGET OF YOUR COMMUNITY FREE TO PROPOSE A REDUCTION OF QUOTAS FROM 20% TO 50%. We offer comprehensive services for the communities of owners and developments throughout Malaga and the coast.


Ask us for a budget without obligation to
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We are expert in the negotiation with suppliers of owners' communities, we locate those that offer the relation quality-price.

We know, request and obtain for your community all the existing subsidies in a way that we reduce the expense to be made by you owners.

We look for suppliers that offer the best financing for your community.


  • We guarantee the collection of defaulters at 100% and at zero cost for the community even for the current defaulters that the community has.

  • Dispatch 24 hours and telephone customer and emergency attention.

  • All your Community information on your own free website

  • We have a legal team and architecture department specialized in claims of construction defects and implementation of ITE.

  • We perform the technical inspections of buildings.

 CONSULT US: or phone 952387749-952375587-630930040 and we will get in touch with you.

  • Community Constitution, for those farms that require them.

  • Legalization of the Community Minute Book.

  • Registration of the farm in the corresponding Treasury Delegation and completion of the necessary procedures to obtain the concession of your NIF.

  • Issuance and management of collection of monthly receipts, corresponding to the ordinary and extraordinary budget. The receipts in bank collection management are sent to the bank through the Internet, without any expense for banking commissions for the community.

  • Control and payment of all economic obligations of the community of a regular and regular nature, as well as others of an exceptional nature that the Community entrusts to Alvarez Administrations. and that will be authorized by the President of the Community in order to maintain a proper functioning of each and every one of the services of the property.

  • Monthly sending to the President of the Community of an accounting statement, detailing the expenses and income made during the month.

  • Annual liquidation of expenses and income, detailing all the expenses, grouped by items, and distributed according to the corresponding distribution coefficients, and detailing the income for the different issuance concepts, with mention of the balances, individualized, resulting, sending a copy to all the owners.

  • Preparation of the annual expense budget.

  • Preparation of calls for General, Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings; with assistance to said Boards of specialized personnel of Administrations Alvarez Expansion group and Creacion sl.

  • Drafting and sending, to all owners, of the minutes of the Community Boards and transcription to the Book of Minutes.

  • Labor advice, preparation and payment of payroll and social insurance for employees of the community, as well as the declarations of I.R.P.F.

  • We have technical and human resources for the maintenance and conservation that your Community may need, the services provided will be billed separately, we will also request and process all kinds of budgets for the works to be carried out in the building. The Reports, Technical and Optional Certificates will be billed separately.

  • We have a team of lawyers, specialized in Horizontal Property at the service of our Communities of Owners, intended for legal defense in general. The services provided will be billed separately. Likewise we have companies and technicians for mandatory reviews of your community (lifts, electrical installation, ITE building technical inspection, ETC)

  • We manage the processing of claims, that may occur in your Community, with the insurance company of the Community, making a continuous monitoring, until its full resolution.

  • Emergency service 24 hours.


If you would like to request a quote for your Community of Owners, Urbanization, Collaborating Urban Entity, Shopping center, Industrial park, Office building, send us an e-mail or fax

Indicating number of homes, number of parking spaces, personal number, etc.

We will contact you as soon as possible to facilitate the requested budget

e mail: Whatsapp: 630930040

     Fax: 952373856


Administration of communities by collegiate administrator n 606

We guarantee the collection of 100% free defaulters and a web page for the community and 24 hour online dispatch

We are a company of Expansion & Creation s.l.





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